The team event is back!


Round up your friends and take part in our team dressage compeition. 


Please note - this is a single entry for riders who belong to a team & require their scoresheets sent separately.  Please ensure you fill in the correct team name to ensure your put with the correct team. 


Each team will need to consist of 3 or 4 riders, with the top three scores being counted.  An Intro, Prelim & Novice test must be ridden, if there's a forth rider they can choose from any of the four levels (Intro-Elem). 


June team event entries close 8pm on the 25th of October 2019 & all videos to be submitted by 8pm 8th November 2019. 


Tests -

Intro B (2009) Or Dressage Ireland Intro C (2017)

Prelim 2 (2016) Or Dressage Ireland Prelim 5 (2012)

Novice 28 (2008) Or Dressage Ireland Novice 26 (2012)

Elementary 42 (2008) Or Dressage Ireland Elementary 50 (2013)


Prizes - 

1st Place - DRO personalised Rug with your team name on!!


If over 15 teams -

1st Place team will also recieve a DRO £10.00 Voucher.

2nd Place will recieve a DRO polo shirt with your team name on!


If over 20 teams -

1st Place team will also recieve a DRO personlised polo shirt with your team name on!

2nd Place will also recieve a DRO £10.00 voucher.

3rd Place will recieve a DRO embroidered pompom beanie hat. 


Many more prizes will be added if we get over 20 teams! 


Single Entry for Team Events

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