On entering a class with Dressage Riders Online, you accept and abide by the following rules/conditions-

  1. All riders under the age of 16 MUST have parental permission.

  2. Ride at your own risk, Dressage Riders Online take no responsibility for any injuries occurred to horse or rider when filming a test. 

  3. Dressage Riders Online reserve the right to refuse entry, without stating a reason. (Don’t worry this is unlikely to happen)

  4. Videos of tests must not be entered if they have already been judged in another competition.  

  5. Entry fees will not be refunded once entry has been accepted.  This includes missing the closing date.

  6. Tests must be ridden to British Dressage rules unless otherwise stated.

  7.  Copyright laws must be abided by when submitting any video footage.  Dressage Riders Online will not be held responsible/liable for any costs incurred because of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor or third party.

  8.  Dressage Riders Online reserve the right to amend rules without notice, we advise you to check the rules on a regular basis.  

  9. Judges decision is final.

Tack & Turnout for your video

  1. Show attire is not required, if show attire is worn then your horse must have boots/bandages on (to demonstrate the test was not recorded at a competition).

  2. Riding hats must be worn. BSI Standard hats or other such protective headwear is strongly advised and compulsory for those under 18 years of age. Suitable footwear with a heel must be worn for safety reasons.

  3. Gloves MUST be worn when riding.

  4. Bridles - For Introductory, Preliminary and Novice test an ordinary snaffle bridle is to be worn. For Elementary and above the horse can wear an ordinary snaffle or double bridle. Nosebands must be worn, a drop, cavesson or flash with a snaffle or a cavesson with a double bridle.  Only British Dressage permitted bits are allowed (unless entering our Relaxed Rules class).

  5. Neck & balancing straps are allowed.  Side, draw or elasticated reins may not be used in any competition class.  Martingales are only allowed in our relaxed rules class.

  6. Spurs and whips are allowed, when used in a correct manner.

  7. Boots & bandages can be worn.

Getting ready to video & record your test

  1. The person filming must stand behind C (judges viewpoint) and is to stay in the same position throughout the recording, zooming in slightly when the rider is at the A end of the arena.

  2. The video must be recorded WITH sound; a caller can be used but no training help is allowed.

  3. The video must be filmed in one sequence - not cuts or editing in the video.  

  4. The video is to start 2 seconds before the rider enters the arena and preferably carry on running until at least 4 seconds after the salute. 

  5. Your arena needs to be set up correctly to the size required stated on the test sheet,  unless entering our relaxed rules class. 

  6. If filming on a mobile, the mobile must be turned landscape before and throughout filming.

  7.  Filming in the dark with lights is allowed if the lights provide a clear picture of all the arena.  (no dark patches in corners)

Riding & uploading your test

1. The judge salute should be made with reins and whip (if carried) in one hand and the freehand lowered to the rider's side and the rider should nod their head.

2. Trot- sitting or rising (or a mixture of both) may be ridden in all British Dressage tests up to and including Elementary.

3. Fill in the form in the navigation bar above & upload your video.

4.  Upload your video directly to the correct month's classes event page, in the discussion section stating - Riders Name, horses name, class entered and whether you're happy for your video to be shown to the public.  

Rosettes and Prizes

  • Rosettes will be awarded 1-6th every time. 

  • Any prizes will be stated in the class schedule, our own vouchers can be used against any DRO product apart from charity class entries. 

  • Any classes with a sponsor will be stated in the class schedule.  Prizes will be sent to the winner if the winner is an overseas competitor then extra postage will be required for the product to be sent or a DRO voucher will be sent in its place.

Class Restrictions 

Please note - these are a guide, please see each class schedule for any restrictions.

Dressage Riders Online try to keep everything fair, therefore the following class restrictions apply-

No horse & rider combination may enter a class more than one level below their highest entry without permission from DRO.  We understand things can change when it comes to horses so just send us a message letting us know your situation and so long as it's a fair reason then you can go back down levels if required. 

Horse and rider combinations who have achieved the following below will need to enter into the open section if no open section the next level is to be entered:

  • Introductory -  have scored 68% and over four times or competed at novice level with Dressage Riders Online in the intro section.  

  • Preliminary - have scored 67% and over four times or competed for Elementary level with Dressage Riders Online in the prelim. 

  • Novice -  have scored 66% and over four times or competed medium level with Dressage Riders Online. 

  • Elementary and Medium levels currently have zero restrictions. 

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